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S-One Holdings Corporation provides innovative product research, development, manufacturing, and distribution to digital imaging, design, and print professionals worldwide, an industry we pioneered in 1994. Our progressive focus and leadership on the evolution of B2B commerce has positioned us as a control point in the industry as digital printing expands and traditional analog printing contracts. We partner with global brands and manufacturers to provide advanced digital marketing, an integrated and flexible supply chain, and comprehensive technical support.

Exclusive Partnerships

Through its subsidiary companies, S-One is the exclusive licensee for HP Large Format Printing Materials, KODAK Wide-Format Inkjet Media, and KODAK PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Media.

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Who is S-One?

Our story is one of innovation and the indispensable role our people play in making any endeavor successful. We conduct our business with an emphasis on integrity while revolutionizing the way graphics and media products are developed, distributed, marketed, and sold. We continue to lead the evolution of the digital printing industry.

Developing S-One’s Vision

Three simple words, yet they say so much about who we are as individuals, teams, companies and as S-One. When someone asks you about what it’s like to work at S-One, here’s our “why:” Develop – Connect – Innovate: Develop strong relationships with team members, customers and companies; enhance connections between our team, manufacturers and customers; create innovations and opportunities that drive us forward as individuals, teams, companies and the society at large.


Through S1U and StrengthsFinder, we are developing our talents into strengths. Our teams are developing better ways to help customers, whether through technology or strategy or support. Our companies are finding ways to develop relationships with vendors in new and exciting ways, giving us additional opportunities to enhance the customer reach. S-One has developed into a formidable presence in the market because of the importance placed on strengthening the core of the company – our people.


Our teams are some of the most innovative in any industry and are a testament to the magic of aligning various strengths toward a unified goal. Everyone here contributes to the innovation of the business, whether through culture, ideas, products or concepts. Our companies’ innovative products show customers, vendors and competitors alike that the old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is no longer relevant to business. If it works, improve it. If it doesn’t, change it.


We connect as individuals through activities within the company and community. Our teams are connected in such a way that resources and talent are nurtured to strengthen the communication between our customers, our vendors, our communities and our companies. The connections that run through S-One bind us as more than a company, they help us impact the world.