Into the Future with
Augmented Reality

At a recent industry trade show, S-One highlighted cutting-edge augmented reality programs created by its marketing team. In the trade show booth, visitors could experience product visualization with 3D printers and equipment. They could also virtually change out signage graphics in the app. The AR program also allowed them to “see inside” the trade show booth walls to learn how they were constructed.

“People got to experience the AR app developed specifically for the show, and the response was overwhelmingly positive,” says Jason Nelson, who heads up augmented reality for S-One. “Everyone was very enthusiastic about the potential of AR, the ease of using the experience we developed and the opportunities this technology could create for their company.”

Partnering with industry magazines, print ads were also embellished with augmented reality “tags” that allowed readers to watch a LexJet video right from the page of the magazine.

The possibilities of augmented and virtual reality are limited only to the imagination, and SOne is leading the industry in finding ways to pair them with print.

Watch Jason Nelson at IPIC 2018 given an overview of S-One’s AR capabilities and our relentless pursuit of innovation.