Digital Output’s Reader’s Choice Top 50 Winner
03 Feb

Digital Output’s Reader’s Choice Top 50 Winner

February is off to a great start! The February issue o­f Digital Output has announced that S-One is a winner of the Reader’s Choice Top 50 awards. According to the editorial staff, companies “cultivating partnerships with their customers were favored” for this honor.

Check out page 20 of the magazine to see our listing along with the other winners of the Reader’s Choice Top 50 and also Top Products of the Top 50. S-One’s HP Recycled Removable Adhesive Fabric, ReEarth 3.4 Metallized Compostable Stand Up Pouch, and Elements Andes Recycled Satin Canvas SUV are included on the list.

“We would like to thank the readers of Digital Output for selecting our company for this distinction,” stated S-One Co-founder Art Lambert. “We take pride in putting customers’ needs first and giving them expert service. We are humbled to have been chosen for this award.”

A high note that resonated with Digital Output readers included businesses conveying trust through product launches and distribution agreements. Speaking of product, S-One Product Manager Shaun Jaycox shares his insight in the Wide Windows cover story starting on page 9.  

Here are the big takeaways. Window murals and graphics experienced a surge in popularity in both commercial and corporate environments. Many retail stores and businesses have windows spanning their storefronts, which create the perfect space to promote brand, special pricing, wayfinding directions, and other information.

For those looking to lower their costs, adhesive-backed vinyl and adhesive-backed polypropylene are good bets. For businesses that want transparent windows, perforated vinyl is an ideal choice. Other businesses want a frosted look with graphics and decals to blend into existing décor. For ultimate branding, these businesses incorporate slogans and taglines with graphics such as you would find in a mural.

Discover more on large-scale window graphics in the February issue.