S-One Employees Donate 2,426 Pounds of Food
02 Dec

S-One Employees Donate 2,426 Pounds of Food

Once again, S-One Holdings Corporation employees, headquartered in Sarasota, Fla., held a food drive to benefit All Faiths Food Bank. Over the past two years, S-One has donated more than 5,400 pounds of food to All Faiths. This year, they added another 2,426 pounds.

To keep in the spirit of previous years, the various teams within S-One created “can-struction” sculptures, made entirely of the food to be donated. The displays included two skee-ball games, a giant pumpkin pie, the Eiffel Tower, a castle and drawbridge and Snoopy’s dog house, complete with Woodstock and a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

“Wow! S-One Holdings Corporation’s staff really know their can-struction,” All Faiths said on its Facebook page. “What terrific talent and generosity.”

Take a look at the photos of S-One’s displays in the gallery below.