Who We Are

At S-One Holdings Corporation, we believe that we’re so much more than co-workers who spend 40-hours-per-week together. We’re a family that joins forces to help bring out the best in one another and the company as a whole. We started as LexJet in 1994 with just five team members. We’re now more than 150 strong, and LexJet is one of five companies under the S-One umbrella. We’re continuing to grow and expand beyond our Sarasota, FL, headquarters, into 22 countries around the world.

Our motto is to “have fun and make money, and don’t get in the way of anyone else having fun and making money.” It’s a formula that not only ensures success, but also a guarantee that our corporate get-togethers are a blast.

To get to know us better, please take a look at the images and videos from various events, including the January 2014 S-One Convergence and our community participation.