The S-One Companies

Industries we service worldwide


ABAQA specializes in the global manufacturing and supply of specialty and consumable inkjet media, laminates and other major components of digital color output. With almost 20 years of experience in supplying top brands and OEMs around the world, ABAQA makes it possible for those companies to introduce and sell private and custom-label products to their markets. ABAQA provides generic and third-party, private labelled products to the industry.

ABAQA’s product lines include fabrics (artistic canvas, non-woven and block-out fabric), plastics (polypropylene, polyethylene and polycarbonate), composites (scrim PVCs), block-out polyethylene and polypropylene, photo papers, art papers, laminates and other custom-made products. ABAQA’s production capabilities include: coating preparation, converting and packaging, QC and storage, dispatch and logistics.

Brand Management Group

Brand Management Group (BMG) is a business initiative we started in 2012 to assume the takeover of the KODAK and Hewlett Packard inkjet media efforts.

At its inception, BMG was formed to design, manufacture and sell the KODAK brand of wide-format printing materials to resellers worldwide. Citing the initial success of the BMG/KODAK relationship, BMG was awarded the sole license from Hewlett Packard to assume the wide-format inkjet media business that was being conducted by an HP group for 15 years. BMG licensed the HP brand and took over the sales of HP-branded printing supplies for use in HP latex printers, commencing May 1, 2013. In 2014, BMG licensed the HP Technical and Graphics media lines, expanding the business geographically into APAC and EMEA.

Today, Brand Management Group specializes in research, development, marketing and supply chain management, bringing unequaled speed-to-market and innovative technologies to the global marketplace. As a global licensing company, BMG works in close partnership with the world’s major brands represented by BMG by providing the worldwide network of resellers and end user customers with unparalleled logistics, marketing and product support.

BMG has sales representation located in the United States, Germany, Belgium, Russia, United Kingdom, Spain, Singapore and Australia. BMG supports the Canadian customers through its warehouse location in Toronto with sales support from the U.S. sales group.

BMG markets and delivers products to 84 countries and currently has the ability to invoice customers in seven currencies while communicating in nine languages.


DIGIPRINT SUPPLIES is a one-stop online shop offering spare parts, accessories, software and tools for all brands of eco-solvent, solvent and UV digital wide-format printers. An industry pioneer, they were the first company in the world to offer dedicated online solutions to this market niche. A supplier of value and information, they share knowledge with you, so that you can continue to build profit.

An early digital revolutionary, they recognised the ease and power of the Internet to change the way most wide-format printer parts, tools and accessories could be purchased. Prior to the launch of DIGIPRINT SUPPLIES, it was impossible to freely purchase original parts, tools and accessories for different wide-format printer brands from a central source.

DIGIPRINT SUPPLIES sells original parts for all brands of wide format digital printers, all of which come with the manufacturer’s warranty. We also sell high quality generic parts, which are engineered in Europe and extensively tested, very clearly labeled and sold under their own brand name. These carry the same warranty as the OEM products.


LexJet has been serving the digital-printing community since 1994 when many photo labs, reprographers, quick printers, prepress service bureaus, sign makers and others first started to explore the many ways they could use wide-format color inkjet printers. LexJet sells its own proprietary highly recognized brand as well as OEM products directly to end-users.

In addition to being one of the top companies in North America selling inkjet printers, inks and materials from companies such as HP, Canon and Epson, LexJet designs and develops its own brand of imaging materials to resolve some of the unique production challenges identified by our customers.

LexJet designs, oversees manufacturing, markets and sells professional-grade, LexJet-branded wide-format inkjet printing materials and supplies to more than 20,000 printing, imaging and sign businesses in North America using a direct-to-end user model.

LexJet provides business owners with the knowledge and products they need to convert digital images into new forms of visual merchandising, out-of-home advertising and custom décor. LexJet products are used to create dozens of products, including: tradeshow graphics; point-of-purchase, retail and event signage; museum exhibits; fine-art reproductions and photo prints on canvas; custom wallcovering; murals and other applications.

The direct-to-end user model was the first of its kind in the inkjet community in 1994. LexJet’s growth over the past 25 years reflects how effective we have been in helping businesses successfully adopt new technologies, create innovative products and diversify into new markets.

Operating distribution centers nationwide in the U.S. and in Canada, LexJet offers its customers two-day delivery at no cost to them for freight.

The convenience of online ordering and fast delivery is backed by a promise that customers can always talk with friendly, knowledgeable people whenever they have questions or concerns.

S-One Labels & Packaging

S-One Labels & Packaging (S-OneLP) is the newest and fastest-growing division under the S-One group of companies. Officially launched as a separate business unit in 2018, it is the exclusive provider of Michelman in-line and off-line primers in the U.S., Canada and EMEA to Hewlett Packard Indigo digital printers. As a result of this product line, every HP Indigo printer is an S-OneLP customer.

S-OneLP has implemented a channel partner model that includes promoting brands at the application level that communicates accurate and customized information directly to the key converters producing the packaging. In addition, S-OneLP is the single source for technical information and provides products to the end user with low minimum requirements and in shorter lead times, which was heretofore unavailable in this market space.

Working with manufacturing partners to take redundant costs out of the channel, S-OneLP acts as an extension of the brands’ main sales force providing open communication on key customer requirements and new product needs.

This new-to-the-industry model helps the manufacturing partners plan more effective capacity and product development while providing an expanded portfolio of best-in-class and cutting-edge products for the digitally printed labels and flexible packaging undertaken on HP Indigo presses. The partners include major manufacturers, such as Toray, CharterNex, Futamura, Michelman, Kustom Group and VerifyMe.

S-OneLP is using this integrated approach to be one of the first companies to offer sustainable surface print and protection solutions to the digitally printed flexible packaging market. This is in major demand in the markets for coffee, tea, organic foods and cannabis.


Introduced by LexJet in 2005, the Sunset® brand of inkjet media, coatings, photo albums and stretcher bars for photo, fine photo, fine art and canvas printing has become the standard for professionals who demand the highest possible image quality. Every product in the Sunset line was developed to meet the exacting requirements of imaging professionals, providing consistent, color-accurate results every time, because Every Image Matters!

With more than 30 different products in the Sunset line, you will find something that’s perfect for whatever you’re printing. Over the past five years, ten Sunset products have been honored with Professional Photographer magazine Hot One Awards for their impact in the photography and fine-art market.

Utopia Digital Technologies

Utopia Digital Technologies (UDT) uses proprietary product development and virtual manufacturing models to develop and produce specialty media, laminates, backers and coating chemistries for digital print platforms. These often complement or increase the functional performance of the products offered by S-One companies, creating a unique value proposition for the brand.

In-depth market and technical research are built into the front end of UDT’s product development process. UDT works closely with OEMs and other market leaders in the industry. Through UDT’s virtual manufacturing model, it designs processes to produce custom products. UDT is in proprietary partnerships with coating companies domestically and abroad, enabling it to use the best capital equipment worldwide on a lease or rental basis.

Because UDT is not limited to a specific coating technology, it has freedom when designing a product, from the substrate to the coating to the process. It can then choose the most optimum process that is best suited to make a specific product, resulting in higher-performing, lower-cost specialty products, and a means to differentiate the brand.

UDT has patents that are actively used to manufacture unique film and transfer products and over the past 20 years has developed significant unique trade secret processes and chemistries that have been and continue to be developed and successfully incorporated into products for all of the S-One target markets, including the new flexible packaging market.