Buffalo Printer Brings Veterans’ Photos to Life for PTSD Awareness
26 May

Buffalo Printer Brings Veterans’ Photos to Life for PTSD Awareness

Expression through photography has no limits. Imagination and ideas flow freely. While some claim print photography is no longer as popular as it once was, LexJet  customer, Mark Russell, of Buffalo Canvas  proves otherwise. His shop in Buffalo, New York, printed the photos for an exhibition at the Central Library focused on spreading awareness of the struggles some veterans face with PTSD. The Odyssey Project created by photojournalist, Brendan Bannon, features photographs from 42 veterans.


The outdoor exhibit had its share of challenges, including withstanding temperatures that would vary between 40 to 65 degrees. Russell needed a product with the right adhesive, was easily removable, and met fire safety standards with a Class A fire rating. LexJet recommended General Formulations 226HTR WallMark™  to fit the bill.

The exhibit was installed on a large exterior granite wall of the library. Weather conditions put the product to the test.

“It was tough with the weather. One day, it was 65 and the next, snowing, but we felt confident about the product recommendation since we have been using that brand for years on other projects,” stated Russell.

For the installation, having the right adhesive was a must. Choosing media that is Class A fire-rated is also an important factor for a public exhibition.

“The product performed really well, giving us flexibility with the install and being easily removable. It printed beautifully, and the installation went smoothly. The library loved it and extended the exhibit through May.”

Perfect timing with Memorial Day. Sharing the experience through the art of photography and capturing the stories of veterans offers the opportunity to pay honor to the men and women who have proudly served our country. The exhibition ran through May 31 at the Buffalo and Erie County. A traveling exhibit continues around the country.