Interns Experience Positive Impact of Volunteerism
21 Jul

Our interns had the opportunity to experience firsthand the positive impact made through volunteerism. S-One team members, along with our interns, volunteered at All Faiths Food Bank to pack and sort non-perishable goods as part of the Campaign Against Summer Hunger. Over 100 boxes were packed. Also, nutritious food items that are favorites among youth were packed to fill 600 backpacks.

“Helping people is at the heart of all we do,” stated S-One Co-Founder, Art Lambert. “We’re dedicated to our decade-long partnership with All Faiths Food Bank and to help end hunger, especially at a crucial time for our youth.”

Art had the opportunity to discuss how community engagement is interwoven into our corporate culture in an interview with SRQ Magazine. Learn how our internship program helps students embrace S-One values and makes a lasting impression. Read the article here.

Through the S-One internship program, eight college students and one college graduate gain real-world knowledge to help them pursue their chosen careers, as well as experience how community engagement is part of the company’s culture.

“Community service brings us together, strengthens our bonds, and reminds us that we can truly be a force for good,” said intern, Frankie Wren.


“S-One has strong values that incorporate community engagement into its culture,” emphasized intern, Carly Jones. “These efforts contribute to a more compassionate, connected, and sustainable community.”

“Learning about philanthropy is important because it helps us understand the struggles and needs of others, encourages us to take responsibility, and allows us to grow as individuals,” explained intern, Alex Lane.       

“Community service reminds me to be grateful for what I have and feel compassion for those less fortunate,” stated intern, Patrick Haas.       


Summer is a time of food insecurity. The end of the school year is when hunger begins for many young lives in our community, impacting over 40,000 local children, according to All Faiths Food Bank.

“All Faiths Food Bank is grateful for S-One’s ongoing partnership and support, both through volunteerism and financial contributions,” said Victoria Hasselbring, Manager of Donor Stewardship, All Faiths Food Bank. “With the help and involvement of corporate partners like S-One, we will have the means to ensure these kids receive the nutritious food and resources they need for healthy growth and development and can return to school in the fall, ready to learn.” 

Inflation has added to the struggle of low-income workers to feed their families. The USDA reports food purchased from grocery stores or supermarkets was 5.8% higher in May 2023 than in May 2022.  

All Faiths Food Bank is the only food bank, and largest hunger relief organization, in Sarasota and DeSoto counties. All Faiths Food Bank was founded in 1989 by a group of individuals who, through their respective organizations, were feeding the hungry. They combined efforts to incorporate as All Faiths Food Bank, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All Faiths has been a Certified Member of the Feeding America network since 1990. Learn more at