Make Every Day Earth Day

Sustain ability. We all have the ability to make sustainable choices. As a global holding company, S-One recognizes our responsibility to reduce our environmental impact. Our vision comes to life through our subsidiaries and brands dedicated to developing and providing products for the printing and graphics industry.

Being sustainable is part of our culture. It’s one of the ways we do business ethically and responsibly.

“We are dedicated to developing solutions that make the printing industry around the globe more environmentally conscious,” said Co-Founder Art Lambert. “We are grateful our customers and business partners join us in this initiative.”

S-One designs and produces environmentally conscious printing products manufactured, used, and recovered in a sustainable way that embraces a circular economy. The printing industry faces unique challenges in the drive to become sustainable — S-One is creating awareness that printing can be profitable while at the same time making responsible choices that lessen the human impact on the environment.

100+ eco-friendly products 75% of green products PVC-free  2 tons of used ink cartridges and printers recycled since February 2021  

S-One is dedicated to sustainability across all business practices. Over 100 eco-friendly products meet today’s needs in the printing industry. A first-of-its-kind product, HP Recycled Satin Canvas is made 100% with recycled bottles and coating materials. This high-performing, durable canvas was developed by S-One subsidiary, BMG, as the exclusive licensee for HP Large Format Printing Materials.

S-One is honored to be the recipient of the Sustainable Business Recognition Award from the Printing United Alliance. This prestigious award recognizes companies that implement sustainable business practices that positively affect the print industry and beyond. S-One is a member of Sedex, a not-for-profit, global organization that provides resources to businesses to help them improve sustainable practices and source responsibly.

Print shops around the country embrace the ink cartridge recycling program offered by S-One subsidiary, LexJet. Since launching the ink recycling program in February of 2021, over two tons of cartridges have been returned. A quick online form makes it easy to receive complimentary pickup for eligible small cartridges, all large-format cartridges, and printer fusers. LexJet is EcoVadis certified, passing the stringent requirements for sustainable performance from this most recognized and accepted global provider of business sustainability ratings.

To spread awareness of earth-friendly packaging, S-One Labels & Packaging offers its Sustainability Resource Guide. This guide helps educate customers on environmental requirements, responsible disposal of packaging, and incorporating sustainable features in package design. S-OneLP is the winner of the 2022 Global Label Environmental Sustainability Award and is a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition.

Its award-winning ReEarth compostable and bio-based films are made with raw materials that allow for the quickest composability. Popular ReEarth films are USDA BioPreferred, Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) Certified, and successfully passed real-world testing through the Compost Manufacturers Association. Some ReEarth compostable film solutions are certified as Lomi Approved. With a Lomi-approved package, one places the empty package into the Lomi countertop composter together with food scraps. This process will turn the items into usable soil.

S-OneLP also offers ReTreve, a recyclable family of films, made of all polyethylene monoweb coextruded materials. These flexible packaging films meet the Sustainable Packaging Coalition guidelines for store drop-off recycling through the NexTrex and How2Recycle programs. These programs collect the films, which are recycled into new bags or composite decking. 

S-One subsidiary,, is a sustainability-minded wall décor and custom photo printing service. Environmentally conscious shoppers can visit to print their own images on the innovative HP Recycled Satin Canvas, which is made with recycled bottles and coating material. Nearly three bottles are recycled to make one square foot of canvas. In addition, images are printed with environmentally certified inks and mounted on wooden frames sourced from sustainably managed forests. WallBottle is a partner of World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF).  For every canvas purchase, WallBottle will donate a portion of the sale to WWF for its efforts for environmental preservation and animal conservation.

S-One continues to develop more sustainable solutions in the evolving technology landscape. Through these efforts, we spread awareness and social impact on making communities around the globe cleaner and healthier today and for future generations.