Our First GlobalShop @ RetailX Was a Buzz-worthy Success

Our First GlobalShop @ RetailX Was a Buzz-worthy Success

Our team here at S-One was excited to make our debut at GlobalShop @ RetailX in Chicago last month, showcasing media options we’ve hand-selected for retail environments. The event focused on all aspects of retail, including design, ecommerce, technology and more.

Fabrics were a huge trend all throughout the GlobalShop, and we were right on trend with some tried-and-true favorites as well as brand-new to the market options.“Fabric was everywhere, and it’s always going to continue to trend,” says sales rep Matt Radauscher. “The guys who don’t have dye-sub yet were happy to hear they had options to print fabrics on latex.”

Our team showcased HP Durable Backlit Fabric, a lightweight option suitable for SEG frames that’s latex-compatible. We also had dye-sub users covered with Fisher Textiles 4608 Power Stretch and 9048 EZ Stretch, which are, for the first time, available in wide-format sizes exclusively through our company, LexJet.

squid office 2We also brought the brand-new adhesive fabric, Squid, which generated a ton of buzz. The fabric’s fibers are finished on one side with a special adhesive that is designed for windows. Squid can be printed or used alone to create privacy, block out the sun’s rays and/or display brand messaging. It’s an elegant solution for high-end retail and corporate environments. Stay tuned for more info to come soon!

We also showcased two new canvas options, Fredrix Metallic Gold and Pearl Canvas, which offer a metallic finish to canvas wraps that were not available to the wide-format market previously. We sampled HP Recycled Satin Canvas, made of 100% recycled water bottles. We’re excited to see how this new, award-winning option will impact our industry.

yoga girlThroughout the show floor, we were mesmerized by some of the emerging trends, most of which played around with dynamic color and customization. SuperColor Digital featured printable blackout fabrics that were enhanced with lighting features that actually changed the colors of the graphics (see photo).

We noticed that many of the exhibits focused on brick-and-mortar retail’s current challenge: competing with ecommerce by using dynamic, sometimes over-the-top displays to create a memorable in-store experience.

“When looking at the booth designs, nearly every one of them had some sort of electrical element in the displays themselves,” says S-One Marketing Director Terry Lynn Belzer. “Whether they were blow-up fixtures, floor fixtures or even animal displays with eyes that lit up. There was also a lot of focus on tactile experiences throughout the show.”

IMG-4634There was even an “Instagrammable” moment with a Game of Thrones-inspired display with a giant throne and sword that was a photo opp just waiting to happen.

Our products like ChromaLuxe Photo Panels, Vescom Gold and Silver Mylar wallcoverings and Signetics Duo magnetic-receptive media offer a variety of ways to incorporate print into dynamic retail displays.

Colorful, hyper-customized walls, windows, floors and even ceilings showcased the power of print throughout the exhibits at GlobalShop @ RetailX. To get a closer look at the materials that S-One showcased, please visit our RetailX page for product info or give one of our retail specialists a call at 800-453-9538.

Shellie Terry
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