S-One Announces Commitment to Donate $1 per Order for Rock for a Cause

S-One Announces Commitment to Donate $1 per Order for Rock for a Cause

SARASOTA, FL — S-One Holdings Corporation, the founding sponsor of Rock for a Cause, announced that it will donate $1 per order each day for the two months leading up to this year’s battle-of-the-bands community event, which will take place on Nov. 12, 2016 on Main Street in Sarasota. The money raised from the S-One donation and sponsorship from other local businesses will be used to send students of the Del Couch Music Education Foundation to the Berklee College of Music Summer Programs.

“Our goal is to send five students to the Berklee Summer Programs,” says Angie Lane, a member of S-One’s Leadership Team. “By donating $1 per order for two months, S-One is ensuring that one of those five students will definitely go. We’re counting on our generous sponsor partners to help us reach our goal.”

S-One and Del Couch made this announcement at the Rock for a Cause Kick-off Party on May 12 on the fourth floor rooftop patio of the S-One headquarters, located on Main Street. During the party, students and alumni from the Foundation performed for attendees. They included 2015 Rock for a Cause winner Paige Merriman, iTunes chart-topping Matt Walden and 2014 American Idol contestant Sam Woolf, all of whom have been mentored by Del Couch and the Foundation.

“Partnering with S-One offers us an incredible opportunity to provide more for the students,” says Del Couch. “With the Berklee Summer Program, kids can stay from three days to five weeks at the most prestigious music college in the world. In fact, Sam Woof attended the five-week course, which led to him appearing on American Idol. It can truly start somebody’s career.”

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ABOUT S-ONE: S-One Holdings Corporation is a global holding company headquartered in Sarasota, Florida that oversees a number of subsidiary companies: ABAQA, Avatrex, Brand Management Group, LexJet and Utopia Digital Technologies. S-One owns the brand names of Avatrex™, Craft Attitude®, and LexJet®. S-One’s subsidiaries and brands are known throughout the graphics and media industries for the research, development, manufacturing, sale and distribution of products for imaging and design professionals worldwide. Through its subsidiary companies, S-One is the exclusive distributor of Tara Materials’ Fredrix line of wide-format inkjet canvas, and is the exclusive business partner for HP large format print media, and has the exclusive trademark licensing agreement for KODAK wide-format inkjet media and KODAK PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Media.

ABOUT DEL COUCH MUSIC EDUCATION FOUNDATION: The Del Couch Music Education Foundation is a non-profit organization formed to provide our youth with the opportunities to create and learn the art of music, to record and listen to their musical creations and to provide a platform at which they can enhance their musical, cultural, academic and life opportunities. The Foundation’s missing is focusing on underprivileged and disadvantaged youth, but available to all, we are working with local schools and civic organizations to provide services that have been drastically reduced over the years or are no longer available in our schools. To provide musically inclined kids with these opportunities, we have arrangements with organizations such as The Boys & Girls Clubs, The YMCA and the Palmetto Youth Center. Virtually every day we come in contact with music. Music has a powerful force that creates deep emotions in humans. Music has the power to enrich our communities, in that music inspires and cultivates creativity, critical thinking and self expression.

Media contact: Shellie Terry Benson, shellie.benson@sone.com

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