S-One Revamps “S1U” Employee Education Program

S-One Revamps “S1U” Employee Education Program

With a commitment to innovation, employee development and fun, S-One Holdings Corporation has relaunched its continuing education program known as S1U.

“We’ve revamped the program to utilize the latest technology to give our team members access to more than 3,000 professionally taught courses that can be completed when and where they want,” says Michael Clementi, who is heading up the program. “They can take courses on their computers, tablets or smartphones, and we’re adding live (and live-streamed) classroom learning opportunities, as well.”

S-One uses Udemy online courses, which cover a wide variety of topics from stress management and yoga to marketing, leadership and software training. The first classroom lesson was held earlier this month, lead by professional photographer, Pete Wright, who taught the elements of photography.

“I’ve been interested in photography since I was young, but I have no experience other than a point and click camera or cell phone,” says class member Jen Corn. “During the class, I realized that it’s not always about the camera, but about the impact of the image being captured, the story being told and how it’s presented to the world. I can’t wait to practice some of the things I’ve learned.”

DEALTo help employees find time for learning, S-One began a monthly DEAL (Drop Everything And Learn) hour. In teams, employees are assigned one hour a month to dedicate to their continued education. Since the weather has been cooperating, desks were set up on the fourth floor outdoor patio for the DEAL hour.

“During our first DEAL hour, we collectively logged 2,900 minutes of learning,” says Clementi. “During our second DEAL hour, we put in 3,788 minutes!”

By providing the platform that affords equal learning opportunities for every team member, S-One offers evergreen courses that can be focused on individual interests to maximize the amount of professional and personal growth they can achieve.

“It’s awesome having permission to learn in the middle of a workday,” says S-One team member Jason Nelson. “Right now I’m taking a course on iOS development, and at the end of the 49.5 hour course I’ll be able to develop complex iOS apps!”

To learn more about S1U, contact Michael Clementi at S-One Holdings Corp.

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